Screen temperature doesn't return to normal after sun is up

  • Hi! I've started using flux for a couple month ago. Recently i've noticed that with flux enabled after night screen stays warmer than it should be (although sun is up, and app shows that the screen is at 6500k). For this problem to go away I had to uninstall flux and restart. I was on the beta when that happens, trying to resolve my problem I've tried previous beta release, and non-beta current release, but trying those didn't fix anything. Can someone please help fixing this?

  • What is your GPU, and can you find a driver version?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @herf My GPU is Geforse GTX 1060 3G and I have the latest drivers installed. It's 382.33
    I've even tryed using another app for this, but it is still the same results.

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