Alternate options for handling "Disable when"

  • Currently, when f.lux disables itself due to detecting a disabled app or a fullscreen app, once said app loses focus, f.lux re-enables immediately. This is not ideal for an app which will be clicked in and out of frequently. What I'd like to see at some point in the future is something like a timeout period - once f.lux auto-disables due to the presence of a particular app, it won't re-enable until it goes X minutes without seeing the app in focus. This would prevent a high volume of f.lux enabling/disabling in the case that such an app frequently gains/loses focus.

    (On another note, an odd, extremely specific bug I noticed, is that f.lux stops working while Audacity is maximized, the Export window is roughly centered in the screen, and the folder browser dropdown is opened. Somehow this bug will always reproduce under only these specific steps and no others. I have "disable for fullscreen apps" enabled, and suspect that these conditions cause f.lux to identify Audacity as a fullscreen app.)

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