F.lux preventing Windows 10 loading

  • After F.lux switching colors profiles I'm experiencing issues while my HP ENVY 27 is loading Windows 10. It gets frozen and I must reboot the PC several times to get it working.

  • @marcusabe I do not believe this is f.lux causing the issue--could you remove f.lux with the built in uninstall system in windows 10 and see if the issue still occurs?

  • @Tungsten_smooth Hi. Thanks for reply. I´ve already tried that and even without f.lux installed the issue persisted. Only was capable to get rid off that bug using System Recovery. Then I installed F.lux again and the bug came back. When F.lux didn't automatically adjust my colors profile everything was fine.

  • @marcusabe said in F.lux preventing Windows 10 loading:

    When F.lux didn't automatically adjust my colors profile everything was fine.

    Ah, now that's an idea! Look into your installed programs, and also the color management to look at the installed color profiles. There may be one that is causing an issue. Look for other programs that you don't use as well, and open them if they look to be installed by the manufacturer or related third party programs.

  • @Tungsten_smooth I was wondering if the Windows 10 Creators Update isn't playing nice with F.lux. I haven't this issue before that update came in....

  • @marcusabe I haven't yet received that update, not really waiting on it though. You could check for the night light feature, just click your notifications icon by the clock, and look at all the new options--there should be a ton of them! If that option isn't active, have you looked at your color profiles? Some laptops and monitors include them in drivers and updates, and some of them can have very strange settings.

  • Yes, I have seen lots of different problems being reported here on the f.lux forum all because of the Creator's Update. I am also a member of Overclock.net and I have seen various other display-related problems being reported after the Creator's Update.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Night light is great but I really love F.lux's ability to dimming my display brightness even further than what is possible in Windows 10. I solved my OS loading issue restoring it to factory just keeping my personal files. Then, I installed again the older version of F.lux. Now it´s fine. I'll keep distance from the beta for now. Thanks for your assistance. ;)

  • I think the problem is caused entirely by the Creator's Update, not the beta version of f.lux.

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