option to deactivate if program is running, even if not focused

  • If I have on app set to be disabled for flux and I'm switching around (maybe into an explorer window) with apps that are allowed I get an annoying fast back and forth of the screen adjusting.

    Would be nice to have an option to keep it disabled even if the program on the exception list isn't focused.

    But it should be an option since people might find the "in focus only" option useful if they need a program to be running in the background which they are not actively using and want take flux to change their screen but need the program doing stuff in the background.

  • It has that option. You can disable it "until sunrise", or "for an hour". If that's not good enough, then you can move the color temperature to 6500K until you're done working.

  • Yes - I think the fade timing is wrong, which would mostly fix this.
    People don't close programs that much so we would probably avoid doing this exactly.

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