notifications are annoying

  • Ok,

    I have a huge problem with the notification badges. I for example switch back to Photoshop, flux is setup to be disabled for this of course, so it tells me this in the lower right side. Problem is I just wanted to click on some settings in Photoshop this notification is now blocking:

    1: the notification is not all the way at the bottom, there is a small gap, but this gap is still blocked by flux, I can't click the menus of Photoshop visible underneath it there

    2: since my mouse is now hovering over the notification flux thinks I like it and wont fade it out, have to click it away manually

    3: gets really annoying when switching between different windows to be told every time "flux is disabled for program x" when I was just checking something in the broweser for a 2nd or did something on my desktio

    4: it seems sometimes those notifications are randomly appearing "disabled for chrome" which I never did, and the program isn't even adjusting for it (which of course is right since I didn't define that exception)

  • They're aware of this and are looking at solutions for a future update.

    Regarding #2, that's Windows, not f.lux. F.lux is simply using the notification system in Windows (which is why that area is called the Notification Area). That's how Windows reacts when you hover over these kinds of notifications. It's set up this way so that you can prevent a notification from fading away before you're finished looking at it. It's just a Windows thing, not f.lux, and no you can't change it.

  • fixing, it will be one time per session in next build.

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