Taking a screenshot via ShareX while Flux Beta is enabled/tinted results in a tinted screenshot

  • Hey guys, not sure if this has been documented yet, but last night I tried to take a screenshot with ShareX while using the F.lux beta, and I noticed that the screenshot taken ends up being tinted, when the old version of F.lux didn't do that.

    Encountered on beta 4.28.


  • f.lux team

    Hi @yllekz yes this happens if you haven't rebooted since installing. It gets better if you reboot. :)

  • @herf Thanks, but I regularly reboot every night. The issue persists even after a reboot. Seems the way f.lux now tints the screen is seen by programs that capture the screen.

  • f.lux team

    Ok, if you reinstall f.lux it will ask if you will let it expand color settings, and if you can, say yes and reboot.

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