f.lux Beta Feature Request: Disable (When Fullscreen)

  • Please add a new option for Disable.

    Disable - When fullscreen

    • Good for gaming (some games don't even work with f.lux)
    • Generally a good idea for watching movies (if you care about color accuracy)
    • Probably the single most important feature that's missing in f.lux but present in lightbulb

  • thanks yes this is on our list.

  • Huh, as long as the game is in Windowed/Borderless Windowed mode any game will work with f.lux, since gamma/color control is handled by the display host(instead of the graphics API) directly in this mode. In Fullscreen(exclusive mode) it's up for the game to decide what controls color/gamma(i believe), so it's sometimes incompatible(or inconsistent).

  • If you can implement a way to detect fullscreen applications then I would love it if we could get the option to disable software cursor in fullscreen. A lot of games don't display the mouse at all when using software cursor.

  • 4.31 has this option now, "disable for full screen app" could you post when and what features this has, changelog says something about multi-monitor support.
    I thought it might work for games with one monitor, but I am noticing weird issue.
    I have my daytime use setting at 5800k, when I start any application, even small window utilities the value changes to like 6200 and then goes down back to 5800.

    I have to test at night if games stay at right values and not go down to 3xxx night values.

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