F.lux now applies twice with Remote Desktop

  • Re: f.lux beta (another thread for 4.21)

    I've had f.lux installed on all my computers for years. I keep it around 3800 to 4000k max on every machine.
    I frequently remote between computers. In the past everything worked fine- the remote f.lux had no effect and the local one controlled my local monitor. But with this beta, the colorization gets applied on both sides and it's pretty hard to look at.

    I'd appreciate a setting that detects that I'm remote and doesn't apply anything so that I don't have to keep turning it off and on all the time.

    Other than that, looking great so far! (Btw, a different wake time per day of week would be much more actually useful. I think someone else mentioned this.)

  • f.lux team

    Thanks for the report. Good to know this kind of works, and now we just have to make it easier to turn off. :)

  • @herf Wow, this is interesting. Could you let me know what you changed to get f.lux to be applied in a remote display, or more specifically, a remote display driver software perhaps?

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