Games work with 3.12 but not 4.21

  • Hi. I can run games fine with f.lux on with 3.12 but using safe mode broke in the creators update so I can't enable that anymore, but when I use 4.21 games revert back to f.lux off (even though it stays on with 3.12). Any fix for this? I can't play games at night without f.lux on so I have to stick with 3.12 for now.

  • Is it all games, or a particular one?

  • Hey herf,

    I have a similar problem. For some reason, when I launch a game fullscreen the f.lux tint activates, if I alt tab out of the game, it goes back to normal, but if I alt-tab out again it will switch back and forth with each time i alt-tab out. This only happens so far when I am playing games fullscreen where the video card 100 percent in full screen mode (idk if that's the right term), this happens even when I turn off and exit f.lux. This became an issue when I uninstalled flux while it was still changing the screens colors. I have tried reinstalling and uninstalling, but it persists through reboots. So far my only workoud is to go into AMD Radeon settings and switch on and off the display temperature button to fix it.

    If you have a fix, please let me know.

  • @mparsakia Yeah, it was annoying me... f.lux wasn't working at all in some games. I'm using SunsetScreen for now which works perfectly in all games.

  • @marts I just need to find a way to fix this bug. So far I have only tried it with Overwatch. Even if I turn off flux the colors change between alt-tabbing, or restarting the game that takes advantage of the video card in exclusive mode.

  • Posting 4.24 which avoids interrupting fullscreen apps with notifiers and popups, so at least we can use hotkeys to debug these cases.

    Also when you have trouble, always post OS version and GPU and driver (if you can find it).

  • @herf RX 480 8GB Gaming X MSI / driver (radeon software) 17.3.2 / Win 10 64bit

    I'll install that and see if it helps.

  • @mparsakia said in Games work with 3.12 but not 4.21:

    @herf RX 480 8GB Gaming X MSI / driver (radeon software) 17.3.2 / Win 10 64bit

    I'll install that and see if it helps.

    You may need to restart after installing it in order to make it work 100% as intended. Even if it doesn't seem like you have to restart your computer, I recommend doing so anyway. That's been my experience with these updates so far anyway.

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