Turn Flux on during the day

  • Hi, Is there a way to turn on the night time setting during the day? I work until 4am some nights and am up till 7am and by that time it's shifting back to daytime light and then it's harder for me to sleep. Sometime I want to watch a movie and nap during the day. Please let me know if there is a way to do this?

  • I'd love to have that option too.

    F.lux only covers a very specific case of sleeping 8 hours per day. Unfortunately it seems to enforce that rhythm on everyone.
    It is not ready to cope with people who do segmented sleep. I am practising Biphasic sleep for a start and I will probably extend that. It is working for me.
    Many of the great scientists/influencers had a polyphasic sleep, including Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Winston Churchill, etc.

    In addition people who work late shifts don't take the benefits from f.lux.

    PS: I am a donator of this software as I believe it helps many people at the physiological level, so I hope it grows to support other use cases.

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