In an Office with no windows, therefore no sunlight.

  • Hi Flux team,

    I'm currently in an Office with no windows, therefore no sunlight. I'm assuming that the best setting would be 4200K for fluorescent lighting, and to use this at all times. Although, I wanted to get an opinion from you guys if this is my best option.


  • Personally, I would just use whatever is most comfortable. I feel that there aren't any rules to this at all, or rather, I feel that there is no right or wrong setting. Well, I take that back because if you're getting ready for bed and you have f.lux set to something too blue (even 2700K is too blue, believe it or not), then that could be considered a wrong setting.

  • @TwoCables has good advice I think. @sbonisteel what lights do you have in your office, fluorescent probably? I would play around starting at that setting and see what feels good to your eyes. I think different colors are better at different times of day, even more than what f.lux allows currently, but I'm probably biased ^_^

  • I would start by either getting a bright incandescent floor lamp (of at least 100 watt bulb or even higher) or getting a cool white LED bulb and put a couple of them around the room, maybe even have one incandescent bulb on as well (but maybe only 60 watts to save power).

    Also try to find a light (very light) beige tinted lamp shade to filter out the ugly purple of the cool white LED bulb, it will help make the light look more natural.

  • Update, also, near the whiter lights in your office (do not use fluorescent, have a look at the fluxometer, and you'll see why -- nobody uses the TL950, trust me), put a nice nature picture, it really will help. In fact have two ro even three pictures hanging on the wall.

    In fact if you know any areas that have good art you can hang up, get some locally, the Internet is just not the place for that.

  • If your office is brightly lit, I would use 6500K during the day.

    If it's dim I would go a little warmer like 5000-5500K.

  • @herf Also, if it's a bit dim, add some lights to help keep you awake and alert!

  • @sbonisteel hey I'd like to know the light setup your using in the office! Could you please provide an update?

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