What Happened to Dark theme?

  • I really enjoyed having the OS X Dark theme at sunset color effect. It was great having what seemed like a different screen (personal opinion and feeling) for my late night working hours, really helped me out. Im just wondering why it wasn't carried over into Sierra's Os X.

    Hopefully F.lux can provide some update or option to have that color mode.

  • @yonore It has that setting, and will activate it at sunset. Within f.lux, you should leave the setting enable to automatically switch over, (if you want it based on time) and disable the dark option in the mac settings.

  • It used to be located inside the color effects tab, I could toggle it manually now I cant find it anywhere, there only two options: Dark room/ Movie Mode.

  • Since updating to Sierra I noticed missing Dark theme as well. Hopefully it will reappear in recent update.

  • @RockyMM I can activate my mac's own dark menu and dock by going to setting>Generial> andn then checking the box that says "Use dark menu bar and dock". The thing that sucks is I have to do this every night and every morning, while before it so simple when Flux had the option.

    Still haven't gotten any real response, lets hope its just Flux trying to update for the new Sierra system.

  • well, I guess theres no solution here. Merp

  • I too have this question - I'd really like to be able to see Dark mode on/off at sunrise/sunset too.

  • I was wondering if there are any updates on this. I have the same problem.

  • Doesn't seem like f.lux is interested in fixing or correcting that problem. Perhaps is being over looked or they deem it not important enough. It really is a shame, I cant understand why they would take out a function that already existed in previous versions of f.lux

  • @yonore I'm sure they wouldn't take it out on purpose - that would be pointless work. Apple must have denied them that point of contact with the OS.

  • Here's an AppleScript which switches dark mode on (change "true" to "false" to switch back to light mode). You can add this to crontab to make it do it at a particular time, although I don't know how to calculate sunrise and sunset as f.lux does.

    tell application "System Events"
    tell appearance preferences
    set dark mode to true
    end tell
    end tell

    Copied from https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7194952?start=0

  • I have the same issue. I thought it might be just me, since my aunt, who has the same version of Flux, has the option in her menu bar. But I think she hasn't updated to Sierra, so maybe that's the reason.

  • Would really like to see the auto-switching to Dark theme back. Didn't realize how much I liked it until it was gone.

  • @yonore upvoted.would love to have this feature added back.

  • A colleague of mine has the same Flux version installed, but he's still on El Capitan and can still see that setting. I can't anymore, on Sierra :(

  • When running flux 36.x I was able to fix the dark mode by using this javascript (run through osascript):

    // Set the real darkMode setting
    Application('System Events').appearancePreferences.darkMode = fluxDarkMode;

    I had this running in a cronjob and helping flux to set the dark mode correctly. I was sad to find that 37.x removed this dark mode.

    Is there anyway we could bring it back?

    Another way you could help us would be to allow us to just read the current K of the display from the flux plist ($HOME/Library/Preferences/org.herf.Flux.plist) and we could just automate syncing the dark mode to the screen.

    Would any of this be possible?

  • Could the developer answer these questions and concerns?

  • @RockyMM I already emailed (support@justgetflux.com) them a few days ago but so far no response 😢

  • @dagaloni Do let us know if you hear anything. I'm really eager to see this feature back.

  • @f-lux-team Any idea on this one?

  • @thibault.ml Haven't heard from them since I posted this question, I pretty much gave up on this.

  • @thibault.ml Sure!

  • Maybe case like this, when community has a solution for something that the developers are not providing themselves, is a good point to open source f.lux.

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