where to buy blue light meter online?

  • i want to by blue light meter online, so i can test the blue light from differnt light sources ?

  • @radiology_dr They are called spectrometers, and they show ALL wavelengths of light, even some UV and infrared (heat), and they are VERY VERY expensive. Some start at around $2000.

    If you want to see some color spectrum charts, see the fluxometer: https://fluxometer.com/

  • @radiology_dr I have an idea--you can use a blue shirt, and how blue it looks (versus more green or even greyish) is how much blue there is an a light source.

  • This is a neat idea, however there's are a TON of different ways to make an object appear blue. Rather, you can buy technical filters if you want to focus on a specific wavelength of light.


    You can buy a sheet of each color for less than $10 through barbizon.

    Then you can apply this filter over a standard light meter and measure away. Be sure to also capture the photopic lux as well. You want to make sure you're measuring blue content per lumen (Visible light).

  • f.lux team

    The cheapest way I know is:

    1. Buy some blue "pool cue chalk"
    2. Put your blue chalk and white chalk in a box you can carry around
    3. Take a picture of it when you want to measure something

    Do this for daylight to calibrate your chalk (you'll need an imaging app that lets you get linear pixel values, like Photoshop in 32-bit mode).

    Then, to test another source, do this again, and get a ratio.

    We measured some chalk with a spectrometer and its reflectance spectrum peaks at 470nm.

    70 cents for a blue light meter!

  • f.lux team

    @herf It helps to rub the chalk on a rough surface like concrete or sandpaper the first time to smooth it out!

  • Hi, I am also interested to buy a blue light device in order to measure the blue light harzard. Do you know some devices which can measure it ?

    Thank you :)

  • Hello,
    actually there are spectrometers on the market for around 1200 Euro. With this you can measure the spectrum and depending on the app function you can calculate the different lux values according photopic, scoptic or also melanopic to analyze the blue light.
    I did some measurement at a Samsung galaxy S8+. The testreport with all further interesting links you can find here at the link underneath. It is written in German, but with some nice table and pictures. it will be easily to understand.
    Have fun reading it. There is also the link to the equipment, which I used, available.

  • f.lux team

    Also take a look here:


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