43 watthalogen lights are extremely white!

  • I think I understand why nobody uses halogen bulbs much--they are way too white. Sylvania gets it, they make 43w bulbs that put out "warm comfortable light" and now I know why!

    These lights are over the top white, 2900K+. It's absolutely mind blowing how much difference 300 Kelvin can do to a light bulb. They are so white that I can't comfortably use them in any lamps without dimmers or overhead lights. That's the only way they are usable.

    These are NOT relaxing night lights.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Do you remember the once very popular halogen torchieres? You could dim them all the way down AND heat your room. I can still smell that burning smell from turning them on....

  • @lorna No I didn't grow up with anyone using halogens, it was only incandescent in the 90s and it still is except for lower power halogens (28 watt with soft coatings) and fluorescents. I'm going to get the warm 43 watts to use, I can't wrap my mind around these lights.

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