F.lux being buggy on El Capitan, says it's open but is not open

  • Hi. I recently updated my operating system on my Mac laptop to El Capitan, and when I try to launch F.lux, it won't open. When I try to delete the app so I can re-install (hoping that that will fix the problem), it says I can't delete the app because it's already open. I open up "Force Quit," and F.lux isn't listed. So it's somehow both "open" and not open at all.

    I've tried restarting the computer, and the problem persists.

    I REALLY need to use this app because I have a brain injury and rely on it to do computer work. Please help!


  • @jennlerner Try opening the activity monitor, and looking for "flux" there. If you find it, close it, and reboot the computer. Does that fix the issue?

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