Often Working Oppositely the past few weeks

  • I've used f.lux for a couple of years on my Macbook Pro. A few weeks ago it started changing the color of the screen during the day, or in an application that I had selected it to spare, it would be on even when the "disable" was checked for that application. Then when I would un-check it, the application would then be normally colored. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times and still the problem persists. As I write this, my screen is orange but it's 1:45pm. When I quit f.lux now, my screen goes back to normal. Help?

  • @koufonissi Hmm, have you checked your time zone for mac? Also what is the location in f.lux?

  • Thanks Tungsten,
    Time zone is pacific and location is 37.851,-122.253 which are both accurate for me in Oakland California.

  • @koufonissi Alright, well I have not a clue how to solve this issue. In fact, (and I've yet to see a reply from them) I responded to someone else wanting to uninstall as they were very unhappy with the odd behavior. I thought I reinstall would fix it, and I have not a clue if it's solved.

  • A couple questions: Which version of the Mac OS and which version of f.lux? If you open the f.lux settings to the left of your system clock, under "preferences" do you have "recommended" or "custom" settings?

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