Affordable (or less expensive) spectrometers

  • I've just been informed about the Sekonic Corporation C-700 device, and it's ~$500 less than others I have seen mentioned. I was thinking I'd burn through $2000 on one, but this one is around $1500 or less. I'd still like to get this number closer to $1000 if possible, the prices are just crazy for a glass prism and software to break it down and read it.

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    I would wait on burning $2000....

  • @lorna O.K. I'll take your advice. I guess saving $500 would be less useful than having a better device. What do you think drives up the price so much? I understand they do something with the glass to break down all the wavelengths of light but this has got to be a standard process by now right?

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    Calibration is hard - the materials are pretty cheap:

    More soon. :)

  • @herf Wow! That's enlightening. I hope it gets cheaper to calibrate the stuff, I really want high quality light. I want everyone to know that fluorescents put off a strange light and it's not at all nice. It's just all over the place. It makes it incredibly difficult for me to read smaller fonts (maybe 6-7 points). It's hard to do that anyway, but with fluorescent it's just about impossible.

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