Suggestions for light to measure

  • I've been wanting to find very high (well most people call it "CRI") color spectrum quality LED bulbs. I don't care if you got a 95 on your rating, I want to see what is actually happening with the colors, specifically, red, orange, and cyan. Cyan especially because most LED bulbs have very little of it:

    Could you measure something like that bulb, and maybe another cool white? You've got the GE AM bulb, but it's got that sharp spike in the blue that makes it look really strange, and the lack of cyan is why it's slightly purplish in tone. I want a cool white bulb with much more cyan, even awful CFL bulbs have more of it in the spectrum.

  • One module I know of that does 95 CRI is the Cree TrueWhite - maybe they are licensing to TCP?!id=lights/Cree 2700K

    The Cree also has a high R9 (which is probably the number you want to look at if you are thinking about the quality of the reds).

    Also, some other technologies from Soraa do even better.

  • @herf The cree is good, but I'd like to see an example of the non TW series that doesn't cut the yellow down. It looks like it's going for the reveal bulbs, which is fine, but that's not really my kind of light. Well, I take that back. I do like the slightly bluish coated Incandescent bulbs, they are very white for what they are, and I think that's either reveal, or the neodymium coat, which is nice, and I'd like to see it used it high power 300 watt bulbs for that extra white kick.

    I haven't heard of soraa, so that will be interesting if you could find some information there as well. I just am not satisfied with any of the current options for cool white. I've seen "Archepelego" with a 6w bulb that I can't find or don't know what it is here:
    It's listed under "LED filament lights", I can't link to that section.

    What's hard to find is cool white color spectrum charts for LED bulbs. They usually have very low cyan and it doesn't look good. The LED people are doing a great job with the warm white, and I think they'll eventually standardize on something that's very high quality. I just think we're way too low on the cool white side.

  • @herf Hey I'm not sure if you're familiar with but they've got Soraa LED PAR flood bulbs if you ever want to measure them:

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