addjusting light to 2700k

  • I've just downloaded f.lux and wanted to reduce the lighting to 2700k but it will not allow me to go past 3400k. I've tried using the slider but it wont go past 3400k and on the menu its doesn't allow me to choose lower 3400k either. Can anyone tell me how to do this.

  • @pb123 If you go to the homepage of this forum: or you can click the bolded text "f.lux forum" when you scroll upward, and go to "support" then you'll get a breakdown of different systems, windows, mac, linux, etc.

    Anyway, on windows, if you slow down and drag the night slider farther than 3400K all the way to the left, as far as you can slide your mouse, you'll soon see a fading button that says "Expand color range". Click this, and give it administrative privileges, and reboot when you're ready. Then you can enjoy warmer colors, both day and night.

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