No Difference

  • I have installed flux on my monitors (dual) at work, but I can see no difference at all. When I disable for an hour and turn it back on there is definitely no difference at all. Does flux not remove the blue duriing the day? If not I will uninstall as I don't work at night but thought it might make the screens easier on my eyes.

    any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  • No, the default setting during the daytime is 6500K. Look at the settings to see for yourself. The main purpose of f.lux is to help you avoid blue light at night before going to bed. It makes it easier because if you were successfully avoiding blue light and then you go turn your computer on, you're going to be blasted by blue light. So, f.lux makes it possible to fix that problem.

    Obviously though, f.lux can also be used to reduce the amount of blue light your monitor emits during the daytime. To do that, just adjust the Daytime setting. Right now, all you are doing is switching between 6500K and 6500K. That's why you're not seeing any difference.

  • I mean, does it dim at night? or is this a work situation where you're not in front of your comp at night? In any case, if you want to warm the screen during the day, you're going to need to open settings and move the "day" scroller towards the yellow.

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