I cant tolorate brightness

  • I am unable to tolerate brightness during the day or evening so will this help me

  • Maybe. This doesn't lower the brightness of your monitor though; it's more of an illusion because the warmer you set the color temperature, the less blue is emitted and thus it doesn't seem as bright even though it's still just as bright as before. Having said that, there is a dimming option, but it doesn't dim the backlight; it just makes everything more and more black.

    If you can't tolerate brightness, then lower your monitor's brightness.

    I'm curious though: are you using your computer in a very dark room with a very bright monitor? Or is it that you have unusually sensitive eyes to light?

  • I've noticed that for a 27" monitor, 92 cd/m2 is a LOT of light. It seems low, but it's not. The good news is, the screen gets REALLY dark, OP try the following:

    Open the f.lux settings. Click on "Darkroom mode". Now on your monitor, see if you have anything like "dynamic contrast, or X-contrast". It may take you a while to find it, and it it's not visible, or if you can not select it, try a preset like "Movie" or Cinema. Then, turn on dynamic contrast if possible. Even better, is when this option has extra options, like how powerful you want the dynamic contrast to be.

    When I set my BenQ 27" monitor to Movie, and turn on dynamic contrast, it gets really bright on a white page -- I should use that more often. Also, when I turn on Darkroom mode with f.lux it gets much darker. So dark that it's almost getting difficult to read, but that's the way I like it!

  • A source of eye hurting light, it's meant to jerk the iris and that's not right.
    There are millions of World of Warcraft players that have filed many millions of complaints with Blizzard, the WoW company about bright lights. Flux does a nice job of dimming lights, but it's not very useful with occasional onset flashes when one is busy. The darkroom thing works well, if one stops to turn it on.
    . . .
    My point being WoW players would really like to see flashing bright lights blocked:any maximum lighting should not register. Dimming the screen to black still results in a bright light, but one can't see a thing. Want to get rich? Produce the welding goggles of computer land, as the chemical ones aren't fast enough.

  • Two more useful programs for the same millions would be:
    A program that can change the dominant colour of a screen, although switching to grey works pretty good. If one views all green on green all day for example. . . they don't like it.

    If viewing something hazy, this obviously strains the eyes, a program that outlines pictorial aspects but shows nothing else might be useful as well, because:

    When you put occasional flashing maximum bright lights, hazes, and all the same colour for an hour, within one online experience. The result is headaches or worse. I'd like to see flux continue it's fine work in these direction in the future.

    P.S. Many WoW players would happily pay $350 dollars for custom welding goggles if they could address even one of these things. And please don't charge that much, hehehe.

  • @karbop have you thought about using some already available glasses? You might like the orange Uvex glasses, they're about $9 at Amazon.com. You can go see http://fluxometer.com/rainbow/ for some of the different filters (including glasses and f.lux)

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