can I paint / color plastic on Philips everyday bulb?

  • I bought a 6 pack of Philips everyday bulb for about $27.50 or so. It is a great price but the color is not warm white. It's a got that purple tint to it and I can't return them,nor do I want to.

    I figured I'll just paint the plastic globe with a beige or get some makers and color it. I think it'd be a great way to use the bulbs and save money!

    Has anyone done this?

    Update: I just tried literally taking a brown marker on it, but it was not a thick coating, I think the plastic really screwed that up. So then I took a REALLY thin napkin, and drew brown, orange, and yellow on it, but now that makes the light too warm / dark, and it's just not a long term solution. (Love this forum, firefox crashed, and every letter I put into this edit was saved!) I'm now considering using PAINT with a very light beige to bring out the warmer colors. Any recommendations?

  • If anyone wants an update on this, drawing marker on plastic does NOT work. Also, you just can't fix low quality light. I think it's even lacking green, and yellow, and cyan. I think it's lacking all the colors, and I know there is a blue spike because it puts out a dingy purplish tint to the already screwed up looking light. Yeah, these just look too white, and it's just strange looking.

  • You can buy paints specifically for decorating glass, maybe that would work?

  • @jdflux I don't know, maybe I'll just return them.... there's a story to that as well.

  • If you can't return them maybe sell them on, or just take it as life learning and go get some nice warm light LED's instead!

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