I will need to wait until I can find my source. All I remember is, what I read was eye-opening. It left me with the impression that with the tiny difference a few light bulbs make on the power plant, you're really only wasting money by leaving lights on that you're not using. It wasn't saying, "go ahead and stop worrying". No, it was more about how everyone seems to have become obsessed with this whole thing of trying to avoid wasting electricity even though the amount that they're talking about is extremely small and isn't even noticed by the power plant. I think it was trying to say that instead of thinking about it in terms of wasting electricity, think about it in terms of wasting money! So in the meantime until I can find my source, I'll have to stop talking. lol I apologize. I didn't intend to get you upset or to irritate you or anything like that at all. The reason why I'm saying this is, it feels like you're almost yelling at me like, "omg you can't be this stupid". I didn't intend for you to feel that way, and I sorta feel bad that I let it get that far.