Change transition speed on Ubuntu?

  • I typically use both my laptop and my desktop at the same time. I have Ubuntu on my desktop and Windows on my laptop. I installed f.lux on both of my computers and noticed that I cannot find out how to set the transition to 1 hour on Ubuntu, so they don't change at the same time for me. Is there a way I can change the transition to 1hr on Ubuntu?

  • f.lux team

    We now have this logic in the shared code (identical to the Mac now!), so we will add it to a future build.

  • @herf Hi! Any update on this? That's the only functionality I miss in linux version after move from Windows to Ubuntu.

  • Any progress on this? I'm otherwise very impressed at the linux support but find this really jarring.

  • @herf Is there something new? I really miss this feature too.

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