Microsoft Outlook and Office 2013

  • Anyone know of any programs that offer the same f.lux features in Microsoft Outlook 2013 and/or Microsoft Office 2013?

  • Why wouldn't you just install f.lux?

  • I did, but it is only working / available on webpages I visit. Any suggestions?

  • Can you tell us a little more about your system? Like what operating system version and what kind of computer? f.lux works on the whole screen, across all apps, so I'm wondering if we can figure out what's happening to yours.

  • O.K. this is strange. As lorna said, it truly should work on the entire screen.

    Does f.lux work when you're just on the desktop without the Internet or Office / Outlook open? Also, are you using these programs after your local sunset, and did you set your location? This is needed to get the proper timing for the program. Without it, you'll have times that could be more than 30 minutes to an hour off your local timing of sunset and sunrise.

  • @madge Hey, did you figure out the issue with f.lux?

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