Feature request : Advance to Sunset

  • On a night like tonight with heatwave conditions in the UK it's nice to keep windows and curtains open, and with dusk outside and my eyes adjusted to very low light I switch the computer on only to get full beam with daylight colour temperature - looking at f.lux it said 15 minutes to sunset...

    Not wishing to mess with any settings as I'm usually very happy with what f.lux does the only option was to switch the screen off and wait 15 minutes.

    So my feature request is a simple link from the right click menu on the task bar which would make f.lux advance to its sunset screen settings - it'd certainly be useful on gloomy evenings or when the actual sunset is a little off what f.lux thinks it is for my location...

    Does this sound reasonable?

  • Yes, but while we wait, you can just quickly slide the daytime slider to what you want. It's harmless and takes about 2-3 seconds to accomplish. I mean, it's just a matter of left-clicking the icon and moving the daytime setting to where you want it. Then when you wake up, you just put it back, taking another 2 or 3 seconds. So, you didn't have to turn the monitor off and wait 15 minutes! That was rather silly, to be honest with you, especially considering how extremely easy it is to adjust the color temperature manually whenever you want.

    I get that you don't want to mess with any settings because you're usually very happy with what f.lux does, but there's no harm in moving the sliders. That's why they are there.

  • If you notice this again, can you send along your approximate location (one digit after the decimal point per lat/long is fine) and the time so we can take a look at what's going on?

    We have an update with more accurate sunrise/sunset times coming but it shouldn't ever be 15 minutes off even in the current version.

  • I have to agree with @Steve-Smith, this would be an absolute amazing feature to have.

    I have to get up just after 4 in the morning for work, which means I have to be in bed several hours before the sun sets here in northern Sweden (depending on the season of course). I have issues with insomnia (decreased melatonin production), and I'm as far from a morning person I can absolutely be.

    Staring at daylight color temperature until bedtime is a guarantee that I won't fall asleep, and changing it manually isn't a good solution as I can barely remember my name when I wake up, much less to change any settings on my computer. Trust me when I say that being blasted with daylight color temperature immediately is one of those things that helps me wake up in the morning.

    The reason f.lux has become so popular (at least in my circle of friends) is because it gives you so many benefits, without any hassle or work. Having to manually change settings back and forth twice a day is one of those things that is getting annoying, and shines a bit of a negative light on an otherwise absolutely fantastic thing. That one tiny setting would go a really long way for anyone who likes to sleep before sunset.

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