Crossfire problems, need help

  • So I'm running two R9 270's in Crossfire, and f.lux seems to only be working on so so one frame it f.lux enabled all tinted and stuff, the next isn't, and so on. so if there is a way to get f.lux to work on both cards i would love to know

  • Did you install f.lux before you installed two graphics cards?

    If so try exiting f.lux, uninstalling, restart and then reinstall f.lux!

    Also if you haven't updated your drivers very recently please give that a try. Since you have crossfire I'll assume your familiar with that but just in case:
    Visit AMD website and look for support / drivers. Find your model and install the driver. Restart your computer if necessary.

    Let the forum know if this fixes the problem.

  • So yes i did have f.lux installed before, but even when i uninstalled and reinstalled it still happens. I also made sure all of my drivers were up to date, which still did not fix the problem.

  • Have a look in the AMD control panel for the GPU. Specifically look around at color settings that might affect gamma settings or really any color options.

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