Vampire mode?

  • Great! Congrats with the forum! I was wondering if there is any way I can get flux dim lower than 2700k at daytime? Setting it to 1200, 1900 or 2300 does nothing, and the sliders can only be adjusted down to 2700 for daytime.

    Cheers :)

  • Question, do you work a night shift? If so, then you may consider using the "Darkroom mode" as it would better provide a way to not affect your sleep / wake cycle.

  • We will probably add this in a future version.

    For some people, the sliders have two settings (min and max) so we have to choose good limits by default. But we will probably make it possible to go lower in the future as an option.

    Are you on an unusual schedule or just prefer <2700K? Do you/can you dim your display? f.lux will also go lower if you dim the backlight, or if you use our alt-pgdn key to dim.

  • Thanks for your reply! I`m a musician and my hours are constantly
    shifting. Flux have helped a lot, and I can change the time zone
    as a workaround, but it is a bit of a hassle using the map, compared
    to just having a roll down menu to change time zone, as most
    forums and programs (including Windows) have. (GMT+1 f.ex)

    In the window for changing time zone, it says latitude, longitude
    (who knows that besides pilots and sailors?) and zipcode.
    Zipcode does not help much as many countries have same.
    I discovered that I can write country, which I find better than the
    other options, so maybe an idea to write that in the info instead
    of zipcode...

    "Enter" is not working in the search window. Have to click OK.

    I also wish there was a way to blend the effect from top to bottom
    of the screen. LCD screens tends to be darker (warmer) at the top.
    You can see this very clear if you take a picture of the screen.
    (from any angle).

    Anyway, thanks a lot for a very useful program!

    Cheers :)

    I do dim my display, and I try to have the screen as "red" as I`m comfortable
    with when I know I should be sleeping ;)

    My specs:
    Win7x64 - Acer Aspire 5738Z - (New screen - New GFX card 2015)

  • It reads to me like what you are after is an IPS (in plane switching) monitor that has excellent viewing angles.

  • We will do an update (someday) for Windows that will match the Mac version that does wake-time scheduling:

    There are some UI issues holding this up right now but I will figure them out eventually.

  • @herf Is there a rough ETA on that feature (setting the wake/dim time to personal day)? It would be really useful for the winter time.

  • Yes we are now building our internal version on the same code as the Mac.

    There are roughly two things that we need to finish:

    1. How the UI looks before you've "unlocked" the system gamma (which requires admin & reboot, and so it doesn't always happen). Without this we cannot have Windows go below 3400K--quite limiting for this feature.

    2. A couple more simplifications in the UI from the Mac version.

  • Yeah, I would love to be able to choose any color temperature regardless of what time it is. I don't have a consistent day/night sleep schedule either, and there are times where I will be going to bed right in the middle of the day. I first block all incoming light from outside, dim my room lights, dim my monitor all the way, and then I choose 2700K and then I dim f.lux so that it can go warmer than 2700K. Then I continue doing what it was I was doing on my computer for an hour or two and then go to bed.

    Right now, f.lux is very limited because if I want anything warmer than 2700K, then I'm forced to choose either 2300K, 1900K, or 1200K.

    By the way: the Lighting at Night menu has lower-case k's. They should be capitals.

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