Why can't I just lower it below 2700k whenever I want

  • Every single day, I have to go into f.lux and change my user location to Antarctica and then back to California again at various times of the day just to be able to to set the temperature below 2700k.

    You'll note historically in tech that apps over time worsen their user experience very slowly as they try to become 'smart' and introduce new features they think people will want. Often-times, this is counter-productive. There is a pervasive notion in tech that smart is better, but this is only the case if additional customization is available under the hood to be able to adjust 'smart' features when they do not meet the needs of a particular user. Not everyone sleeps in neat 8 hour blocks, for instance. Nor does everyone have a regular bed/sleep routine.

    I'm all for having smart f.lux modes but not at the expense of a good user experience. As I type this, I'm working late and 2700k is and always has been far too bright for my liking, so, I'm finding myself, as usual, adjusting my location or the 'time i wake up' just to be able to slide the sun dial lower.

    I kindly request the developer stops trying to enforce a prescribed user experience and just allows the users to set the sun bar to whatever they like, whenever they like.

    Thank you for making f.lux, on the whole it's a great idea and I appreciate its existence.

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