Different colour profiles for external displays

  • I have a macbook pro 13" 2017 that is plugged into an external display quite often. When f.lux is enabled it looks good on the macbook screen, but it is extremely orange on the external monitor.

    Is having a different colour profile for an external display possible (either now or in a possible future version)? Because it would be really really cool if it was.

    Thanks :)

  • We ask the system about the installed profile for each display and try to use the profile correctly. So in our tests here, with a Thunderbolt display (standard gamut) and a Macbook (wide gamut) the two look identical, because we use different transforms for each display.

    Is it possible that the external display is actually wide gamut, but macOS does not know about this? If this were true you may see other apps displaying colors that were extra saturated, and the fix would be to install a good ICC profile for the external display.

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