Photo Editing and Eyestrain

  • Hi team,

    I suffer from eye-strain which translates to immediate sore eyes for anyone editing photos for more than a few hours. Currently, I use Cxyrus blue light glasses and the fantastic f.lux app to adjust my screen during daily use.

    The only problem is, when looking to make accurate colours while editing, I have to turn F.lux off which resets the temperature to 6500 and the blue light immediately beams right into my eyes, glasses or not. They literally get sore after five minutes.

    As I typically use my computer with the colour temperature set to a yellowy 2900 (rather than 6500 which the norm), maybe there's a way I can edit my photos to compensate for the difference in display temperature rather than having to switch between each time?

    Otherwise, I'm thinking maybe a Matte anti-glare screen protector could help, has anyone had success with this? I'd say this is my biggest trouble with editing photos so any help would be really appreciated.

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