F.Lux for all of your home lighting - Is it possible?

  • I'm a bit obsessed with sleep and productivity at the moment and I'm wondering if it is possible to set up a smart light system to replicate what F.Lux does for your computer screen without the assistance of a raspberry pi. In other words, is it possible to set my lights up to do the following every evening:

    At sunset remove blue from light / increase the orange

    Decrease brightness up until bedtime but not to turn off completely until I decide to go to bed

    To repeat every day without me having to change the start time i.e. automatically adjusts to sunset time throughout the year

    Starts automatically when I turn lights on at the switch after sunset but adjusts according to the time the lights are switched on i.e. if the sunset was at 6PM and I turn my lights on at 8PM the brightness and colour of the light will assume the colour set for 8PM as if the lights had been on since 6PM

  • We have a lot of this on Windows. Hue, LIFX, Yeelight... are you using a Mac with f.lux?

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