Flux on Raspbian

  • I'm trying to get f.lux working on my Raspberry Pi 4B. I'm running Raspbian version 10 if that's relevant.
    When I enter the fluxgui command in the terminal I get the following error message:

    (fluxgui:22942): Gdk-CRITICAL **: 09:13:56.075: gdk_window_thaw_toplevel_updates: assertion 'window->update_and_descendants_freeze_count > 0' failed
    (Quotation marks my addition)
    A window does appear, with a smaller message window in front of it. When I press OK to close the message pop-up, the whole program closes, and the above error message gets the following lines added to it:

    [Errno 8] Exec format error
    Critical error. Exiting.

    (fluxgui:22942): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 09:14:57.079: gtk_main_quit: assertion 'main_loops != NULL' failed
    (Quotation marks again my addition)
    If someone knows a solution to this, I would be very grateful.

  • https://github.com/xflux-gui/fluxgui/issues/127#issuecomment-614965305

    Please add support for Arm architecture.

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