Linux Nightly for f.lux

  • Re: xflux Linux - How do I keep flux on ALL the time?

    I have written a new GUI program for f.lux, recently, which provides an option to apply the f.lux nightmode filter whenever the user wants. Unfortunately, I can't find an efficient way to apply this filter permanently. For now, you have to apply the filter every 7 to 8 hours, just by checking the "Use daytime filter" checkbox and pressing the "Apply changes & turn on f.lux" button. Longitude is required.

    This program is tested only on Kubuntu 18.04.

    Please, forgive me for any errors in my code. I'm new to programming and this is one of my very first GUI programs.

    You can download it from its original Git Repository.

    Hope it helps! ;-D

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