Feedback from a LG G7 rooted user

  • Well analyzing my LG G7 screen it is a LCD screen, it is fine during the most time. But for Darkroom mode it is not a great experience since LCD is brilliant, so sad that, even in darkroom mode the LCD looks pretty blue and so radiant since LCD is always brilliant.
    I could resolve it adding some red light in my environment so it is not a Darkroom but a redroom kkkk. And also it was necessary to mix f-lux Candle mode + Twillight (1000k) color intensity over screen of 70% and dim of 20%. Phone brightness 0%. It is perfect now.

    Hey where is dim in F-lux and where is color over screen to add? Can you add these two features? It would be a incredible mix.

    Some observations:

    • Compositor driver worked like a charm in LG G7, never had a trouble. But, it is missing inverting colors when apply for darkroom mode.
    • Qualcoom driver didnt work but magically work when I when I click to Darkroom mode, I get inverted colors (Perfect!!!!) and no blue and no green.

    It is a good app build I consider it necessary in my phones. I get to root my mom phone and add f-lux to her also kkkkkkk.(flux worked on xperia z5 like a charm)

    Thank you for leaving the app public.

    I hope to me to buy a OLed screen to have better black on screen. So sad LCD blue radiant but in redroom it is great.