Constant flickering from yellow to white on Ubuntu

  • I am running Ubuntu 16.04 lts and the latest version of flux.

    I run flux through the console, and I enter the following command:

    ./xflux -l 65 -g 166.5 -k 2900 -nofork I am using these coordinates to set my location to some base on the arctic circle to use flux even during the day. (I am in Europe, and linux flux doesn't have an option to turn on during the day...)

    I get a success message, and the screen dims, but then it starts flickering from yellow to regular and I have to kill the process.

    Any help? I've been trying to get make flux work for a week now.

  • This happens to me, when multiple f.lux sessions are running in the background at the same time. I use this script, to terminate them all:

    killall xflux;
    while true;
        do allxflux=$(pidof xflux);
        wtsp=" ";
    	case "$allxflux" in
    		*" "*)
                kill -9 "$tmpxflux";
                kill -9 "$tmpxflux";
    exit 0;

    The script above terminates all f.lux sessions based on their PIDs.
    After that, you can start a new f.lux session.

    Hope that this can help you! :)

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