Another request to customise times

  • I'll echo other people's requests to please have an option to customise the time it comes on. I'm in London where the sun's setting now around 430pm, and flux starts dimming my screen around 4. This is just no good for me while I'm still working!

    Setting hours in which the screen is not dimmed would be ideal. There's no need to have a dimmed screen in the early evening after dark, only within a couple of hours of sleeping. I really don't need a dimmed screen in winter from the middle of the afternoon.

  • Thanks! we need to update the Windows build with more circadian options.

  • +1. Flux really needs to work by time to be useful to me. I completely understand that the primary guidance is on theory of best time to have natural light, but living in Scotland, an app that's going to start going into a night mode at 3.20PM some days in winter is just unworkable.

    Also, the reasons I'm interested in flux primarily is that I have trouble sleeping, and a lot of the advice for help talks about strict routines and fixed times. Maybe that puts it outside the scope of Flux since it might be going contrary to the theory, but adding a time setting would seem like a little thing to do.

  • @identi we care a lot about this! Probably not many people should be going to bed at 3pm. I hope you'll like what's coming up.

  • @identi and @f-lux-team : I have the same issue, I always want F.lux to turn off my screen at 9pm UK (GMT) time. My solution? Set your time zone to be on the equator (so it does not vary throughout the year) and 45 degrees West: "00.01N 45.00W". (It does not like 00.00N for some reason). 45 degrees is 1/8th of 360 degrees because 9pm is 1/8th of 24 hours (i.e. 3 hours) different from the 6pm sunset on the equator. Using the same logic/maths 10pm GMT would be 60.00W, 11pm 75.00W etc.


  • @Thelfer Wonderful idea. Mine worked with 0.1N 112.1W. That way, it's detecting the sunset at the equator straight south of my location. Now I can have a consistent, year-round f.lux time.

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