How do you run f.lux at your settings, stay at those settings indefinitely, until you close f.lux?

  • Meaning, I want to launch f.lux and have it use my settings (color temp 2700K, screen brightness 10%) and have it stay at that setting when it's running and NOT to change the color temp OR brightness at all no matter what time it is.

    I just want to launch f.lux, let it run at my settings, until I shut down f.lux.


  • Agreed. A lot of people want this without the automatic brightness/color. Manual settings please. Tired of the brightness changing automatically on me.

  • @nakedvillager I'm shocked that in version 4, in 2019, that there is no manual setting.

    I've posted a LOT and have heard no solutions here. I don't want to look elsewhere but if the software isn't providing the functions you want it's not an effective solution for the user.

    It may be time for us to explore other programs.

    I honestly just want flux for the color temp and dimming, I don't care about the suns position and how it affects the function, just let me pick my color temp, my dimming, and I can turn it on and off when I want. end of story. It's literally that simple.

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