Can you setup f.lux to be locked to a user setting only and not affected by the sun?

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    greyhood about 23 hours ago

    Meaning that when you turn it on, it locks your personally settings in and is not dictated by the suns position, just purely manual setting?

    If so, how do we set that up?

  • Are you saying you want your screen never to change, or you want more control of when it changes?

  • @herf Ok so I run f.lux by manually opening it.

    I want to launch f.lux and have it use personal settings (color temp 2700K, screen brightness 10%) and have it stay at that setting when it's running, NOT to be dictated by the suns position.

    Because sometimes if I'm working really late, the brightness will suddenly snap back to 100% and blind me. I just don't want the time of day to affect my settings.

    So basically, I open f.lux at night, I want it to run at my settings, stay at those settings indefinitely, until I close f.lux the next day.

    Is this possible?

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