F.lux going to Dark Mode at sunset crashes WhatsApp Desktop and vice versa

  • Hey there,
    first of all thanks for F.lux, it’s an awesome program!

    However I have one little problem with it: I use F.lux to change the color temp and switch to Dark Mode after sunset. Every time it switches to dark mode (and back to light mode in the morning), the WhatsApp Desktop App crashes and I have to force quit it. After I restart the app it works fine until the next change.
    Switching to Dark Mode via the system prefs doesn’t crash WhatsApp. Both F.lux and WhatsApp are on the newest versions.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  • We are only telling the macOS to change modes, which I'd assume is like clicking on the system preference.

    Have you also reported this to WhatsApp? (because they're more likely to be able to fix it...)

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