Flux 4 is trash

  • There is no manual mode anymore.

    I just wanted to manually control the color temp and dimming and not have it affected by sunlight.

    However, come sunrise BOOM the dimming settings are gone and I'm blasted with FULL BRIGHTNESS despite having my settings say earliest wake time to noon.

    I don't understand why version 4 is overly complicated and has no manual function.

  • Yeah I feel you man. Oh thanks man. I guess we're having a conversation with ourself cause no one is here.

    Yeah true, I even tried asking this before, no reply.


    Cool, what about emailing the devs?

    Yeah, they don't reply to emails.

    Damn. What's next then?

    I dunno lol. Prob just live with shitty flux 4 and cross your fingers that 5 adds s manual function.

    Ok cool I'm going to the store now, want anything?