REQUEST: Notification bar toggle, Grayscale mode (within toggle), Custom temperature setting entry

  • Overall I think the f.lux app on Android is a great first start -- goes without saying that it would be great if you could get the device to work with non-rooted devices (either by itself or through granting permissions via adb, like Greyscale).

    A couple of requests, here:

    The app desperately needs a notification bar to temporarily disable/enable flux and to toggle grayscale mode (a feature just included in the 4.84 Windows version but not yet available on Android).

    An example of a bar with options would be like what is available with CF.lumen:


    Further, the settings on the app with regard to temperature should reach feature parity with Windows. Instead of five? options it should be identical to the Windows tray options:


    At the very least down to 1900K.

    F.lux conflicts with Greyscale (a similar Android app) so it would be nice if f.lux implemented its own grayscale mode.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work

  • This post is deleted!

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