Question about Alt+Tab

  • Hello i'm really enjoying f.lux that make my day much better, but when i'm using alt+tab to change screens the light back for 1 sec and thats really hurts, i really appreciate if someone help me to fix it. Greetins and thanks for F.LUX!!

  • I doubt that I have any solutions, but I just want to make sure everyone else understands what you're saying.

    Are you saying that you are using Alt+Tab to switch between monitors, and when you do this you see your Daytime color temperature for a second?

  • I don't believe this is the case, I think O.P. is referring to just switching programs here, and this is certainly one hell of an odd problem.

    @truthcg Have you updated your video drivers lately (don't worry, it's not that hard!) If you are unsure of what you have, Windows Direct X Diagnostics is very easy to start up and it will list out your video hardware.

    To start it, open the start menu, and type in
    Press Enter.
    choose Yes (it won't make it take longer, it checks while the program is running).

    Once you know your video hardware (such as Intel, Nvidia, AMD) see if you can get drivers by going to the manufacturers website, listed below for convenience. (or your laptop manufacturer if you're using a laptop).

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