root only???

  • I didn't see anything for this so I started one. I use flux all the time on pc but I can't on my Android devices due to having to be rooted. This sucks big time due to having a nightly right of watching some youtube on my tablet while laying in bed to help move my mind off the day but let's face it even with some devices having auto brightness it's still like looking into a flashlight. So anyone know if there's gonna be a flus we can use without being rooted or am I stuck looking elsewhere??

  • @night-dweller I recommend UVEX skyper SCT Orange eyewear, it's shown in the "filters" list on the fluxometer website that you can access by clicking the top menu button on this page and selecting the link.

    Just go to the "just get f.lux" homepage (click the icon at the top of this page!) and select "fluxometer" at the top.

    Then select a device similar to the one you use and choose the UVEX filter. You can find the eyewear for less than $9 a piece online.

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