iMac problem in High Sierra.

  • I’ve been reading about Apple making f.lux not work on Sierra. What about the opposite? My (older) iMac is intermittently (not often) getting stuck in the booting up process and then crashing completely. The guy who sold it to me wants to blame it on f.lux since it’s not native to the iMac. I thought he was nuts, but now I’m wondering if there’s a two-way cluster**** going on.

  • @nnelo I'm running OS Sierra 10.12.4 and f.lux v39.987 is running fine.

    also have a macbook air running OS High Sierra 10.13 also running f.lux v39.987 with no problems

  • You could uncheck "Start f.lux at login" and see if it works better then.
    Still can run it by hand after.

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