Support for iOS 11.0-11.3.1

  • f.lux team,

    Night shift sucks. Now that there’s a new jailbreak tool just released, please consider updating f.lux to support iOS 11. Thanks.

  • @nicolaskaichi

    I am also very much interested in this.
    Apples NightShift on the iPhone X makes all text go really blurry while scrolling.
    it looks like there is a yellow layer (like a negative of the text), that scrolls a split-second slower than everything else. This makes reading at night impossible for me.
    Might be because of the OLED Screen and the PWM dimming, but I think Apple just did a bad job at programming NightShift for the iPhone X.

    I bet, that f.lux does a way better job than apple.

    If you update it for the iPhone X one day, could you also please add it to the Cydia repo.

    Thank you so much, guys!! Appreciate your hard work and research over the years!

  • Night shift does suck. F.Lux is the only reason I jailbroke.

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