Can I choose to use f.lux on only 1 of my 2 screens ?

  • Hi there, thanks for f.lux ! It was a great help, especially since I couldn't afford a screen with eye care technology. That changed though, got myself a nice BenQ (connected via HDMI).
    But I still have my crappy super bright eye piercing screen as a second monitor (connected with VGA).

    So, it would be perfect if I could use f.lux only on my second monitor. I know it's kind of the opposite of many threads I saw where people explain that f.lux only work on 1 display when they want it to work on 2 or more screens. So, is there a way to do that ? Only use f.lux on my VGA connected screen ?

    I'm aware that's not a major problem, but if someone has an idea that'd be cool !

    thanks !

  • Not currently - do you always use it this way, or just sometimes?

    You might be able to do a permanent disable for one screen, but making the interface easy to do it on the fly would be more challenging!

    Read this thread:

  • No, but all you have to do is adjust the settings on that monitor. You can lower the brightness and you can change the built-in color settings to be warmer. Problem solved, I think.

    If you don't know how to do these things, then refer to that monitor's manual.

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