Can I just keep one static setting with no geo-tracking?

  • I love the idea here, but I found the UI to be confusing and invasive. I'd really just like to turn off the dynamic time changing thing, and keep a static setting that I can choose at will. Is there a way I can do this?


  • I have the same question. I'm about to shift 8 time zones. I would like to set my computer to my new time zone so it thinks it is daytime. I go to location and choose the destination. The location setting shows up as the new location but it does not actually shift.

  • @syzygy13 yeah, I honestly don't understand the obsessive need for a simple screen shifting app to Geo-locate and blast me with notifications. I literally just want it to shift my screen color and
    shut up until I decide to open it & adjust its settings

  • I'd quite like it too. I already have key bindings on my mouse's extra keys for adjusting color temp up and down -- while at the same time adjusting my monitor's brightness with DDC/CI, my Philips Hue's color temp and its brightness too. It's annoying that sometimes it feels like I have to fight f.lux. Maybe I'll have to write my own version that is more amenable to user-configuration.

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