F.lux for iOS 11.0-11.1.2

  • Dearest F.lux Team,

    Thank you for everything that you have done to help me sleep better! I remember when I got my first iPad, and how that first month of use without a jailbreak (and thus f.lux) was a nightmare, no pun intended, for my sleep!

    Apple's Night Shift has been very disappointing, especially on my iPhone X. As you have shown with your iPhone X vs. iPhone 6 comparison (https://justgetflux.com/news/2018/02/16/OLED.html), the iPhone X gives off an insane amount of sleep-disturbing light, and it has been affecting me, even with Night Shift on the warmest settings.

    Now that the jailbreak for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 is finally (somewhat) stable, are there any plans to update f.lux? I know that getting your hands on a jailbroken device in-house is probably getting more and more difficult, so if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know!

    Thank you for all the hard work, amazing research, and dedication all these years. F.lux has always been my number 1 reason for jailbreaking, and always the first thing I look to install after jailbreaking. Anyway, thanks again and hope to hear from you soon!


    P.S. I think it's time I put my money where my mouth is after all these years. Check that PayPal account :smile:

  • No response... not even from fellow users huh? Bummer... :/

  • @hovanes also looking for an update :( doesn’t seem to be a high priority

  • @scout948 thank you for the reply at least, it helps to know I am not alone...

  • Banned

    [account suspended for spam post :(]

  • @hovanes
    Also very much interested. Thanks to the new 11.3.1 Jailbreak

    Did you find any alternative for the iPhone X ?
    I noticed that Apples NightShift gives me blurred text...

    It looks like there is a yellow layer (like a negative of the text), that scrolls a split-second slower than everything else. This makes reading at night impossible for me.
    Might be because of the OLED Screen and the PWM dimming, but I think Apple just did a bad job at programming NightShift for the iPhone X.

  • @wise_rice said in F.lux for iOS 11.0-11.1.2:

    I noticed that Apples NightShift gives me blurred text...

    Really? I have no issues with night shift at all, have you tried night shift on any other phone in the apple store.

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