No updates since nearly 2 years...

  • Windows receives one update after another - but Android users got left behind :(
    I can't believe that there is no progress after almost 2 years.
    I really love f.lux on Windows.
    But I also need f.lux on my Android phone.
    Yes, I NEED it!!
    The best case would be, if I could use it without root...
    But anyway - I would root only for f.lux.
    In the past I have been told to be patient...
    But I'm almost done with it ;)

    Can I get some answers, please?

  • Thanks - we released this build in hopes that there would be non-root ways to do "good" color transforms on Android. This is sadly not the case yet. (Still hoping.)

    Since it is getting harder to root, we have not spent as much time improving this build, but we can for sure fix major bugs and keep it working.

  • Please do! Rooting is still going strong thanks to Magisk

  • @herf Thanks for your reply. I know about the difficulties with rooting nowadays. But you have to admit, that it's really bad you haven't touch the Android version for such a long time. I'm convinced, that everybody would love to see an improved version of f.lux for Android. You've come so far with the version for Windows. I truly love f.lux for how it caress my eyes. How terrifying would it be without f.lux? I don't even want to imagine...So please, show mercy and think about a more advanced Android version of your brilliant f.lux.

    I appreciate your work.
    Keep it up!

  • seriously, this app needs an update! im going to root regardless because i use many mods on my devices. the only thing that i truly need is a enable/disable quick tile. i often need to view my device without f.lux enabled so this would really help.

  • So is there an update coming? It's about time, Lorna & Michael!

  • I'm also hoping for an update

  • Another month without an update gone...

  • I too would like to see a fresh Android version, even if the phone needs to be rooted. I have no use for it right now but in the coming months I might get a smartphone, so f.lux's screen dimming feature (alt + pg down on windows) would be especially handy.

    I have already made a donation to thank the creators of this great software. I'd be ready to help fund the development of an updated Android version.

  • @herf & @lorna

    COME ON NOW!! What are you waiting for??? We are waiting for...

  • No efforts in updating the OLD version? I have been told to be patient... This was a long time ago! Why do you treat Android users like that?

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